Real Estate. Unreal Expectations.

I received a call at around 10.30 am this morning. The conversation that ensued, went thus.

“Good morning sir. Am I speaking to Mr. Manoj Jacob?”


“I’m calling from Prestige.”


“Have you heard of the Prestige offer, sir?”

“Buy a pressure cooker, get one free?” I asked.

“No, no sir. I’m calling from the construction company.”

“Okay. How can I help you?”

“We have an offer sir. Book a Prestige property today and pay in 2020.”

“Sounds interesting. I live in Indiranagar. Do you have a development close by?”

“Yes sir. Prestige Kew Gardens.”

“Where is it located?” I inquired.

The conversation then, not unexpectedly, meandered along, with the address going further and further away from my preferred location as my caller gave me directions, till it finally came to a halt in Emlur.

“Could you arrange a site visit for me please?”

“Yes sir. We can do it today.”

I had to refuse as it was Sunday, and I’d promised to take my kids to Cubbon Park.

“Let’s do it next week” I suggested.

“This offer is valid only today sir.”

“In that case, I think I’ll settle for a pressure cooker.”

He got the message and disconnected.

A brilliant sales strategy, don’t you think? Make a cold call to a prospective buyer, tell him about an offer and give him till the end of the day to decide on a purchase that would soak up most of his savings.

Today was my lucky day. Where do I sign?


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