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Whose brand are they building anyway?

It was early in my advertising years. I was at an interview with a celebrated Creative Director at one of the big agencies in Bangalore. Eager as I was to put my best foot forward, I started talking him through the ads. He stopped me and told me something I still remember. "You won't be there to explain the ad to every reader of a newspaper." Things have changed much since then. We now have social media. Ads are created, and if you haven't caught it on TV or in the papers, there is the grand release on Facebook. 
Now there's absolutely nothing wrong in putting your work out on Facebook for people to see, and all would be well if it stopped there.
But no.
The talking up begins shortly thereafter. The ad is explained. The “idea” is put on a pedestal. It's called a game changer. The agency chief pats the team on their backs. The team gushes over the big man's attention, but insist they couldn't have done it without their ACD, SCD, ECD and OCD, not to mention…