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Nimrat Kaur and the Neanderthal.

The Raga woman, I'm told, is modern, progressive, confident and passionate. Her man is selfish, primitive, insecure, and to top it all, a gargantuan goof.
And as is painfully obvious, it's not just their relationship that's not working.

Sorry for the interruption!

I don't like ads in my living room.

One, they're predictable and terribly boring.

Two, they're trying to sell me things I don't need.

And three, they're intruding without my permission.

But guess what, the ads are only getting longer.

Help me understand please.

I can't stand your presence for 30 seconds, and you decide to hang around for several minutes more?

So mister ad man, mister client, here's what I think you should do. Make a better piece of communication. As much as I hate being manipulated by marketing departments, I still love a good story. And please don't go to any great lengths to grab my attention. Thirty seconds will do.


Well, I have a remote, and a 100 plus channels to choose from.

I also have ad blocker on YouTube.